One hundred Kenyan shillings wedding ceremony all planned and completed

While many families are tired of the huge amount of funds involved in wedding planning and ceremonies, there is a rare case of a planned ceremony that was exactly antagonistic and in fact worked too.

Recently, I was watching the news on the local TV channel, which I rarely watch, when I saw something particularly interesting. A man was confidently explaining how he and his loving wife agreed on a $ 1 wedding plan and made it happen. This was, of course, the cheapest ceremony I have ever heard of. He said the money was enough for the wedding rings they needed and went on to invite the pastor to announce husband and wife to them. Of course, this was bravery displayed by the couple. The bridal couple also searched for cheap, simple red outfits that were supposed to indicate the sheer magnitude of the love they had for each other. At that moment I looked at my phone, directly to social networks, and the news of the wedding was a trend with numerous and diverse reactions from people.

There was a comment that caught my attention and said, “This is Njaanuary “. In Kenya, there is a perception that January is a financially troubled month simply because people tend to overspend on the December holidays and there is usually little or no rain. Njaanuary comes from a swahili word njaa which literally means hunger, this is associated with a lack of rain and therefore a shortage of food. I was also amused when the man openly and happily said that after the wedding he and his newlywed wife were going to enjoy themselves. ugali Y sukumawiki, a popular Kenyan food that welcomes most Kenyan households. I pondered silently on the subject and saw that this wedding was based on true love and not wedding worries, like a multi-million dollar wedding party with hundreds of guests in some fancy hotel or grounds marked with an expensive reception and dresses of colorful bride.

Of course, this whole scenario was too interesting, but some people took it seriously. I followed the story for two days and on the third day I was surprised to see the couple holding a huge honeymoon banner with an offer for a honeymoon abroad. Oh, a simple wedding and a great honeymoon, which is the complete opposite of what happens in the other expensive “weddings”.

I can’t help but imagine how beautiful it will be for the couple and I know I’m not alone here. Budgeting is everything.

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